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Why Daniel's Repair?


  • Reliable                                We have a team of certified engineers and technicals specialized in LED module repair for 11 years,  We are not just dealing with bad pixels replacement,  but also capable of circuit analysis and software configuration. 

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed  Your LED screens and modules will be taken care of by the shop owner himself for the final check before shipping. You will get 7 days to do QC job after you receive our fixed modules. Free of charge for those modules with new problems found or unfixed. 

  • Fast turnaround                  We are able to handle up to 400 modules per week and overnight repair service is available too if necessary.

  • Affordable price                  No complaints about overcharges have been received from our customers for the past 5 years.

We have been proudly serving the following customers directly or indirectly with our repair skills and happy feedback is received.

At the same time, We have been repairing modules from these LED manufacturers directly or indirectly.

"Daniel is an amazing guy, I would recommend his repair work to anyone.  He serviced my 4.8mm LED panels

for me and everything is perfect now.

 Don't second guess it, call Daniel  Duan now. He won't let you down."

Stone Cannizzaro

"They are incredible in fixing my LED Flexible panels they offer fast and economical service and save me $$

and time having to send them back to the factory."

Alan Derber

"I highly endorse Daniel. He's been an LED Engineer for many years and knows how to repair multiple product lines from multi suppliers. His work is second to none"

Andy Towers

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